Welcome Chessie online store.

This is the place to get your Chessie stuff -
 company approved logo wear. You will find this site easy to use and convenient.

Orders can be placed at any time. Embroidered items will be shipped to the Main Office and distributed via courier to individual branches. Employees will be given a gift card with a $50.00 per year allowance. If your order is over $50.00 a credit card payment is due at the time of ordering. Credit card payments will not be processed until your order has been completed and shipped. After which you will receive a confirmation stating that your order has been completed.

*When using a gift card please make sure you apply it to your order as well as verify the amount due
 (if any) to your credit card before order is completed and processed

Any questions or problems please contact:


if you have problems with this site, contact: Jason Brooks, Owner of The Final Touch